Do You Believe?!

Do you believe that God exists? I think I know the answer you’d give… so let me ask you another question, “Do you live like He exists?”

Suppose I invited you to my house for dinner. You knock on my door, I open it and you walk in but without saying a word or making eye contact. You sit on my couch and eat my chips and salsa that I put out and drink my cold Dr. Pepper that I bought from the store, but you just talk amongst yourselves without saying a word to me. You eat at my dining table on my plates, with my fork and knife the amazing steak that I just cooked for you but all without a thank you…and what if someone asks you, “Do you know Chris?” You answer, “Yea…” but all without acknowledging the fact that I’m sitting next to you. Do you see the lunacy of it all?

But the vast majority of people who say they believe in God, including you and me, treat Him this way. He is like oxygen…you couldn’t live a moment without Him, but there are no thoughts given to oxygen. He is like the foundation of your office building, without it the walls would crumble and you’d die under the rubble of concrete and steel, but when’s the last time you thought about the foundation of your office building? But if you were asked, “Do you believe oxygen exists?” or, “Do you believe there is a foundation underneath your building?’ We would all say “yes” and then you would return to talking about things that really matter.

Do you see the problem here? Though God is the most important being in the universe, though Jesus upholds all things by the Word of His power and if He were to cease thinking about the world even for a millisecond, all of creation would in turn cease to be, we deny God the most fundamental, the most essential, and critical thing about Him…His existence. His existence; we say He exists, with our lips we honor Him, but our hearts are far away from Him. We live as if He doesn’t exist.

If Jesus came over to your house, would your home life look any differently? If so, you deny His existence. He’s already there. If Jesus came into your office, would you work differently? If so, you deny His existence. He commands that you work as if you’re working for Him. If Jesus sat in the car with you on your way home from work, would your drive look differently? If so, you deny His existence. He’s everywhere. If Jesus was in your room late at night, would your activity on your laptop be different? If so, you deny His existence. You can’t escape Him. What would it look like if Christians lived like God existed?

-Credits to a Good Friend


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