George Mina “A Man of the People”


How do you give tribute to a brother after he has passed? How do you say goodbye to someone you have shared more memories and laughs with then most people in your life? How do you look at a father whose heart is so torn and sisters who have lost their hero and not be angered and filled with rage? How do you see a whole community broken hearted over the loss of one of the most genuine, caring, outgoing and lovable personalities and not lose it? These questions have plagued my mind over the last few days seeing my brother George in a hospital bed fighting for his life.Yesterday I realized how fragile life is. Life often brings tragedy and it’s hard to explain why something that doesn’t make sense is fair. I find comfort in knowing that George was in a good place prior to his passing. He was doing well in school, he was working on his spiritual life and had been to confession fairly regularly. He was always reaching out to help people. He was a better friend to most people then they were to him. He was honestly just one of the best people I knew.

George was one of those people that loved you so much that he annoyed you. He would text me almost every morning and say, “Goodmorning B I hope you have a good day”. I would often get annoyed and say George I can’t respond daily because I don’t have the time. I am with patients. He would always say, “you are my little bro I have to always ask about you”. At the hospital I told some people about these texts and they told me he would text them almost daily as well. We all looked at each other in amazement and think, how did he have the time? George made you feel like you were the most important person in the world. He made you feel as if there was not another person that he reached out to. We would always talk to each other in Arnold Schwarzenegger voice and leave funny voicemails to each other. When we lived together we would talk for countless hours about God and His grace and who Jesus was. He would always find a way to make me laugh so hard when I was stressed out about something or pull out a random George Minaism. He was truly one of kind and the world has lost one of the best people.

I find comfort in one last thing. I’m reminded with George’s life that we are here on this earth for a season and short period of time. One of George’s friends asked me the other day, “I wonder how people would remember me if I were to pass, what legacy or mark would I leave”? When I look at George, he impacted so many people from all different walks of life from colleagues to friends to classmates. He had hundreds of people visit him at the hospital. Each walking out as if they lost a family member or close loved one. Even the leasing agent at our apartment building called me crying when she heard about George. He was special. But the reason he was special was because he genuinely loved and invested in people. He didn’t do it out of obligation but because he truly cared. I take comfort in knowing that George was a true example of Jesus. He always went above and beyond for people and was always there when you needed him. George didn’t know even He was emulating Christ but he did more than most people could ever know. Thanks bro for loving everyone in a way I will aspire to do for the remainder of my life. See you soon my friend.

Your little bro,
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